Overtime Rule Advances Toward Publication

The final overtime rule is edging closer to release: yesterday, the Department of Labor (DOL) sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) its final changes for determining which workers are eligible for overtime pay. The revision to Fair Labor Standards Act regulations is expected to affect millions of employees currently considered exempt from overtime, Read More 

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Workers’ Comp Opt-Outs: Big Savings But Human Costs?

Dropping traditional workers’ compensation in favor of a private plan? New data from Stanford University shows that it’s saving companies money. But some have questioned whether the savings come at the expense of injured workers. The study by Alison Morantz, a professor at Stanford Law School, examined illness and injury claims filed by employees of Read More 

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changing careers

How to change careers.

Have you ever wanted to change careers? Maybe your career field is changing and you don’t find it satisfying anymore. Maybe you’d like to explore a direction you’ve always thought about. Maybe life circumstances demand a change in your career,…

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Recruiting Passive Job Candidates

How do you find passive job candidates?

Identifying & Recruiting Passive Job Candidates Reprinted from Mashable.com, By Robyn Melhish Things are looking up for job seekers. Unemployment numbers are down, the economy is improving and more opportunities are opening up. As professionals gain their financial and career…

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Job Search-Job Interview

Credit Reports & Your Job Search

How does your credit report affect your job search? While the application you slaved over for your dream job may be impeccable, there’s another important question to ask yourself during the job search process: When’s the last time you looked at…

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