Contract employees help meet variable staffing needs.

The People Place offers contract employee staffing to help you scale your workforce quickly and efficiently, especially during busy periods or times when you need a shorter-term boost in staffing levels.

The People Place maintains a pool of qualified individuals in various fields. Candidates are always carefully interviewed and background-checked before they are referred to your company.

contract staffing-temporary employee staffing services

What is Contract Staffing?

Contract staffing is a staffing method that can provide you with cost benefits and flexibility by allowing you to bring workers in on a contract basis for a specific period of time. These workers are employed by The People Place; we manage the payroll and compensation packages.

You can use contractors to complete projects, meet deadlines, respond to peak business periods or as a method to evaluate whether an employee is going to be a good fit for a permanent placement. Contractor assignments typically last from a few weeks up to 24 months.

We are experts at contract staffing services.

The People Place has deep experience in contract staffing. We will work with with you to solve critical staffing needs and to anticipate future interim needs.

Because we know that needs are often time-sensitive, we work responsively and maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates with skills and credentials you count on to make an immediate contribution.

Each contractor we provide is always selected and interviewed with the same care as our permanent placements.

contract staffing-temporary employee staffing services

The advantages of contract employees:

  • You can get specialized skills for short-term projects.
  • Try a candidate before you commit to hiring them full-time.
  • The hiring process is quick.
  • It is easy to end a contract assignment.
  • You can avoid adding employees to your payroll.
  • You save money on employee contributions and benefits packages.
  • You can avoid the hassles of layoffs.

We never cut corners on interim employees.

We don’t spend any less time or effort in identifying and referring contractors for your needs. We see every staffing order as an opportunity to form an on-going and valuable relationship with your organization.

You can be confident in our contractor staffing process. Whether you ask us to help you increase your staff by one or dozens, we see it as an opportunity to add value to your organization.

We are committed to placing quality candidates that you would hire if the need was or became permanent.


Contract Staffing For

  • Tax Professionals
  • Accounting for Month/Year End
  • Auditing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial System Changes & Upgrades
  • Business/Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • IT/Technology Upgrades & On-Boarding
  • Software Upgrades

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