Shorten your search for highly skilled, full-time employees with direct hire recruiting.

For our direct-hire recruiting clients,The People Place will recruit, screen, and evaluate candidates on your behalf, while you stay focused on day-to-day business.

Only the most qualified candidates will be referred to you for final evaluation. Candidates will be interviewed and background-checked before they are referred. You make the final call on hiring the best candidate for your needs.

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A perfect fit for the long term

When you’re ready to add permanent employees to your staff, the fit is crucial. It’s important it is to find people you can count on to be with your organization for the long haul. That’s why we carefully screen each candidate to weed out short-term job seekers from long-term career seekers who can add value to your company.

Our direct hire recruiting team has years of successful experience matching the right candidates for the right positions.

We take the risk out of hiring.

Direct hire placement services sometimes mean recruiting for hard to fill positions. It can be costly and time consuming. Sometimes employers end up hiring the wrong person because they’re focused on getting staff fast instead of getting staffing right. The wrong choice can be costly and time-consuming.

The advantage of using The People Place to fill your direct hire staffing needs is that we already have a pool of qualified candidates from which to start. That alone can cut weeks off the hiring process.

Each candidate presented for consideration will be selected and interviewed with the same care as if you had selected the candidate yourself.

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How does direct-hire work?

  • We take a detailed placement order, noting qualifications, experience & personality fit.
  • Direct hire placement is charged on a contingency fee basis.
  • We charge a percentage of the position’s starting salary.
  • You only pay if we find the right candidate for your position.
  • You pay when the hiring process is complete.
  • No upfront fees.
  • There’s absolutely no charge unless we meet your needs.

We mirror your hiring process.

When researching recruiting firms to find a direct hire candidate, you may wonder whether their hiring procedures will be a match for your company.

You can be confident in our integrated hiring process. When you ask us to find a direct hire candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us the specific qualifications you need in a potential employee, and the processes you would use internally to identify and vet candidates.

We’ll ask about your organization’s culture, the team personality, and what education and experience is essential for a great fit. We’ll include your hiring criteria in our search.


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