We help build great teams.

Great companies depend on great teams. The People Place adds value to careers and companies by finding great talent and matching it to great organizations.

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A good fit is everything.

Whether you’re seeking a new opportunity or a key staff member, the right fit is key to your success.

Our recruiting services begins with listening. We want to understand what credentials make a job seeker a great employment candidate for your company. We want to know what personality is going to be a good fit for your culture.

We find qualified, experienced candidates for numerous industries—including accounting, tax preparation, IT/technology, banking, insurance, marketing, project management and more.

We can help you grow while saving money.

Our solution is strategic staffing. We help meet your challenge by offering contract and temporary employees in addition to permanent placements.

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Our recruiting process includes:

  • Needs Analysis: We will work closely with you to define every aspect of the position requirements, including qualifications and company culture.
  • Prospect Identification: We access our private network of candidates, and conduct a thorough search based on your needs.
  • Prospect Research & Qualification: We conduct exhaustive research and interview all candidates.
  • Presentation: We refer only candidates that meet your requirements and possess the ability to perform in your organization.
  • Follow-Up: We believe in follow-up to ensure a great fit.


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Employer Recruiting Services:

  • Direct Hire Recruiting Services
  • Part-Time & Full-Time Candidates
  • Temporary/Seasonal Employees

  • Contract Employees
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Candidate Searching

  • Interviewing
  • Skills Assessments
  • Background Checks