When you need leaders and leadership teams, we deliver.

The People Place is here to help organizations build senior leadership teams. It is not enough to simply identify someone with the right experience. The difference we provide is identifying a combination of education, relevant experience and proven leadership qualities.

executive recruiting-management recruiting services

Our executive recruiting difference:

The need for highly-qualified, high-performing C-Level and management executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting top leadership talent requires a pro-active approach.

We begin with a thorough understanding of functional roles within your company and tap our experience in identifying both active and passive senior management talent. Next, we add our process for narrowing our pool of executive management candidates to those who are the best fit for what you need.

We’re committed to excellence.

We apply real insight into your company, your strategic requirements and use assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the perfect combination of skill, experience and personal qualities to advance your company’s strategies and achieve outstanding results.

Each candidate presented for consideration will be selected and interviewed with the same care as if you had selected the candidate yourself.

We have the resources to take on your most difficult searches, while ensuring candidates receive the best impression of your company during the recruitment process.

We welcome your tough hiring challenges and the opportunity to positively affect the future of your organization!

executive recruiting-management recruiting services

Our executive recruiting process:

  1. Initial client meeting and needs analysis
  2. Creation of a candidate specification
  3. Formation of search strategy
  4. Candidate identification
  5. Approach, qualify & interview: create a short list
  6. Initial referencing, present short list to the client
  7. Client feedback
  8. Through referencing & background check
  9. Offer and negotiation
  10. On-boarding and integration

Finding the right leadership is possible!

You may wonder whether hiring procedures will be a good match for your company.

You can rest assured that the People Place doesn’t do “cookie cutter” recruiting.

Each part of our executive search recruiting process is customized for you, our client. This includes everything from our initial consultation and creation of a search plan to candidate sourcing, assessing, interviewing and reference checking.

Our customized process focuses on making sure we present candidates most compatible with not only the open position, but also your company, culture and goals.


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